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Land Surveying Expert Witness, When to Hire A Qualified Surveyor

When most people think of an expert witness they think of an accountant, a medical professional, forensics or a mental health expert. However, expert witnesses are used in a wide scope of legal issues which also includes issues related to land boundaries, surveys and more.
In certain litigation cases, a surveying expert witness can be an invaluable resource to either side. They can provide expert knowledge and expertise by first identifying, introducing and authenticating documents and other information within the case that is relevant to boundary disputes, elevations and more. These experts can speak to the relevance of certain information and how it should be applied to correctly position boundaries, elevations and other elements in order to draw a conclusion or final opinion on the matter.

Why Land Surveyors Make Great Expert Witness

Our judicial system relies heavily on the use of expert witnesses to inform judges and juries on the facts regarding specific components of a case. Therefore, in order to present a solid argument for either side, an expert witness is brought in to dispute erroneous or disputed components within their profession.

A land surveyor can utilize a wide range of tools and knowledge to address boundary and elevation issues that other construction, real estate or commercial property experts have limited knowledge of. A land surveyor can present detailed information that lends credibility to the overall presentation in the case.

In What Kinds of Cases Do Land Surveyor Typically Provide Litigation Support?

Land surveyors are used in cases throughout the United States to address a wide array of issues; most of which you may have not even considered relevant to their level of expertise. They often lend their expertise and support for accident scene documentation, construction disputes, project errors and omissions, and all types of encroachment issues related to boundaries or easements to name a few.

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What Is The Most Common Type of Land Survey?

The most common type of land survey is known as a Boundary Survey or cadastral survey.

This type of survey involves determining the precise boundaries and measurements of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are conducted to establish legal property boundaries, identify property lines, and resolve boundary disputes.

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