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Since 1988, Stoner & Associates has practiced the art and science of land surveying, rising to the top of our industry with a focus on good character, reputation and the successful completion of projects.

At Stoner & Associates we are always seeking innovative solutions to improve our survey products and reduce turn around times. We are continually updating our equipment and software to insure rapid and accurate data acquisition. Our personnel are trained to look for innovative ways to approach your project through the use of technology.

We deliver critical surveying services in a timely and accurate manner, making Stoner & Associates a trusted partner to both the private sector and government.



The Importance of a Land Surveyor During Pre-Construction Planning

A land surveyor plays a crucial role during pre-construction planning for various reasons: Property Boundary Identification: A surveyor precisely identifies the boundaries of the property. This ensures that the construction stays within legal limits and prevents encroachment issues with neighboring properties. Topographical Mapping: Surveyors create detailed topographical maps that illustrate the natural features of the […]

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