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Land Surveying After A Storm

Although not commonly thought of as playing a pivotal role in the reconstruction of a disaster area from a natural disaster; Land surveying can play a vital role in getting thing back to normal after a severe storm such as a hurricane, tornado, or massive flooding event. These types of natural disasters often blur property lines and boundaries that ultimately cause confusion and disputes amongst landowners. It is the role of the land surveyor to pull all of the pieces back together even if the landscape my have been permanently altered by the storm.

The most common ways a land surveyor begins to restore the storm’s aftermath is by working with local officials to establish new geographical structures to rebuild infrastructure and property based off of newly defined flood zones and safety findings. Surveyors can also reestablish existing property lines that may have been blurred after the storm to be used to resolve disputes amongst landowners. Lastly, surveyors can act as consultants within the humanitarian aspect of the storm’s aftermath.

One of the more vital roles that a land surveyor plays in the efforts to restore after a storm, is to work with local architects and engineers in the rebuilding process. However, in order to do this, surveyors will first need to identify changes in the topography of the region as well as identify areas that are prone to future damage. This information will provide valuable information for establishing a buffer zone to ensure the safety of new construction to help prevent further loss from future storm activity.

Land disputes can also become a problem after a significant storm and surveyors are often vital in resolving such disputes by reassessing property lines that may no longer be identifiable through the use of property markers that were in place prior to the storm. Surveyors can come in after the storm to reestablish boundaries to both private and public property parcels to help settle any confusion on property boundaries that may have resulted as a direct result of the storms damages.

Temporary housing can also become a big problem after a storm and one that you would not commonly associate with land surveying. However, land surveyors often work with disaster relief officials to identify areas within or just outside of the storm’s aftermath to establish short-term and longer-term temporary housing locations for those who have been displaced. The need for identifying nearby temporary shelter during the rebuilding efforts is vital to a storm ravaged area’s ability to return to normal as soon as possible.

Just like more notable front-line workers, professionals and officials that assist with storm damage cleanup and restoration; surveyors have historically played a pivotal role in assisting these professionals to quickly and efficiently get the job done.

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