Platting Services

Platting Services

Per Florida’s Law a Plat is a “map or the delineated representation of the subdivision of lands, being a complete exact representation of the subdivision and other information in compliance with the requirement of all applicable sections of this part and of any local ordinances”. Platting is an orderly process of events that requires the coordination of the Surveyor with Engineers, Planners, Plat processors, lawyers and government entities. All work follows strict requirements set by governing bodies.

A condensed chain of events is as follows:

  • Prepare a Boundary Survey of the lands to be platted.
  • Provide survey to the client for the preparation of a Site Plan.
  • Prepare a Plat Map based on Site Plan and Boundary Survey.
  • Provide copies of the Survey and Plat to Plat processor.
  • Plat processor submits Survey and Plat to the City and County for review.
  • Revise Plat per City and County comments.
  • Submit Plat to City Commission for approval.
  • Submit Plat to County Commission for approval.
  • Plat recordation.
  • For more information regarding the platting services offered by Stoner & Associates, please call us at 954-585-0997 or request a quote.



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