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A Close Look a Topographic Surveys

A Topographic Survey is a survey that collects data on the elevation points of an area of land and presents them as contour lines on a plot. In general, a topographic survey will provide data on the natural and man-made features of the land, in addition to its elevations. The characteristics of a topographical survey can these common elements:

Natural & Man Made 

A Topographic Survey is commissioned to define the natural and man-made objects situated on a parcel of land.  A Topographic Survey can be combined with a Boundary Survey to reflect property lines in addition to the physical features. 


Topographic Surveys generally reflect the elevations of the land, when measured at a specified interval.  The elevation data can be combined with the location of physical features to determine drainage patterns and spatial relationships for objects located on the land being surveyed.


Any visible improvements on the lot can be identified and shown on the Topographical Survey. Utility lines, streetlights, pipe markers, electric boxes, and any visible evidence can be shown on the drawing. Items that are buried or located underground are marked by third-party companies and the surveyor can include their markings on the drawing.


Contour lines show where the peaks and the valleys of the land lay. For instance, if there is a significant slope on a property, the contour lines on the drawing will show every time there is a drop in vertical feet. In general, the smaller the cumulative drop, the more detailed the survey becomes.


When a stream or a wooded area is located, their attributes are identified by the land surveyor and data regarding the location of those attributes is obtained. The surveyor will locate individual water areas, trees and bushes, as well as the outer perimeter of a brushy area.

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What Is The Most Common Type of Land Survey?

The most common type of land survey is known as a Boundary Survey or cadastral survey.

This type of survey involves determining the precise boundaries and measurements of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are conducted to establish legal property boundaries, identify property lines, and resolve boundary disputes.

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