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Why Land Surveying Is Important

Surveyors  play an important part in  all real estate transactions; from determining property boundaries to mapping elevations for land development, a licensed surveyor is the only legal entity authorized to perform vital components in most real estate endeavors.

What Is Land Surveying

When you ask most people about land surveyors and what they do the common response that comes to mind is mapping boundaries for roads, properties and more. The fact is land surveyors work on a variety of projects from planning and constructing new or improving existing infrastructure, land development, various construction projects such including buildings, highways, bridges, sports fields, agriculture, etc. to monitoring and environmental assessment.

Why Is Land Surveying Important

The truth is, without land surveying, real estate transactions would not have clear boundaries, roads would not have proper elevation and drainage, underground utilities would not be possible and much more. Some of the most important components that surveyors bring to real estate and infrastructure projects include:

  • Provide visible boundaries
  • Prepare sites for construction
  • Map out drainage
  • Map out underground utility grids
  • Help identify flood zones
  • Map out irrigation and sewer lines
  • And more.

Commercial Surveyors help to survey the land that the following are constructed on:

  • Bridges
  • Airfields
  • Ports
  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Irrigation
  • Sewer lines
  • And more

For these and other areas, it is critical to understand that there are many different zones that allow for different land uses to be conducted. There also may be overlays such as vegetation protection on the land as well as minimum and maximum land size for subdivisions, building heights and plot ratios that are important to know. Having the boundary lines and topographic heights accurately measured for a project ensures you can address and accommodate all of these issues while still completing the project.

A qualified land surveyor will survey the site to provide information including the location of features such as buildings and building heights, the land slope, road features and vegetation along with utilities that maybe present.

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What Is The Most Common Type of Land Survey?

The most common type of land survey is known as a Boundary Survey or cadastral survey.

This type of survey involves determining the precise boundaries and measurements of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are conducted to establish legal property boundaries, identify property lines, and resolve boundary disputes.

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