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Hiring A Land Surveyor

Commercial Land Surveying can be a complicated business, and for that reason we have provided the following important areas to consider when hiring a Land Surveyor.

Make sure they are a qualified surveyor.

According to Florida Statute, in order to become a licensed professional, you must have a degree in surveying and mapping of 4 years or more from an accredited college or university program. In addition to the degree there is an experience requirement of 4 years of responsible charge.

Do they specialize in the type of survey you need?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask due to the wide range of commercial survey types and the equipment needed to complete them properly and accurately. Experience drives accuracy, speed, and overall quality of the final report.

Are they local to the area?

In order to do a proper job and advise clients professionally it is essential that your surveyor has a good knowledge of the history of the locality – things like planning issues, planned roads and developments and any risks from flooding. Accurate property valuations also depend on knowing the local area.

Can reports be turned around quickly?

Some surveyors sign off completed survey reports within 24-hours of the inspection, whereas others can take several weeks. As long as access to the property is available, the whole process from booking the inspection appointment through to receiving the finished report should just take a few days. It is also good to ask what will be included in the final report as well to make sure all the areas are covered.

Can you ask the surveyor to check and comment on specific points of concern?

As the client you should be free to make special requests in advance and know that the surveyor can advise you specific areas related to the survey.

If you are looking for a qualified commercial property surveyor, Stoner &Associates, Inc. is here to help. We will answer all these questions and more. Call us today to discuss your project at 954-585-0997.



What Is The Most Common Type of Land Survey?

The most common type of land survey is known as a Boundary Survey or cadastral survey.

This type of survey involves determining the precise boundaries and measurements of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are conducted to establish legal property boundaries, identify property lines, and resolve boundary disputes.

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