Blog : Mason–Dixon line – A Historical Survey Landmark in US History

Mason–Dixon line – A Historical Survey Landmark in US History

Land Surveying is one of the oldest professions in the world. A historical survey landmark in US history is the Mason-Dixon Line.

So, what is the Mason-Dixon Line and why is it important? The “Mason and Dixon’s Line” was surveyed between 1763 and 1767 by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in the resolution of a border dispute between British colonies in Colonial America. This line is important as it symbolizes a cultural boundary between the Northern United States and the Southern United States. It forms a demarcation line between four U.S. states , forming part of the borders of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia (then part of Virginia).

Mason and Dixon’s actual survey line began to the south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and extended from a benchmark east to the Delaware River and west to what was then the boundary with western Virginia. The surveyors also fixed the boundary between Delaware and Pennsylvania and the approximately north-south portion of the boundary between Delaware and Maryland. Most of the Delaware-Pennsylvania boundary is a circular arc, and the Delaware-Maryland boundary does not run truly north-south because it was intended to bisect the Delmarva Peninsula rather than follow a meridian.

By definition, Land Surveying is the process by which land is surveyed and measured using mathematical means. As time has progressed, land surveying tools and techniques have advanced and the role of land surveyors is much broader than it was in the past. At Stoner & Associates, we have a long-standing company history within the surveying industry and are deeply knowledgeable with the latest equipment and techniques available to provide accurate surveys. Most importantly, we work hard to be part of your team and to answer any and all questions pertaining to various easements, the survey, certifications, and title commitments.

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