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Technology Is Transforming – The Surveying Industry

As technology is rapidly changing how we live our day to day lives; technology is also playing a significant role in transforming industrial techniques across multiple industries.

Just as with other industries, surveying and mapping has rapidly evolved through new technological advancements that have revolutionized the field over the past few decades. Some of these advancements include robotic total stations, electronic distance measuring, lasers and ultrasonic tools along with drones and the advancement in GPS technology.

With the implementation of global positioning systems (GPS); the accuracy and speed in which surveys are performed has been transformed within the industry. As time and technology advanced over the past decades, GPS itself has significantly evolved from a handful of NAVSTAR satellites to a global constellation now referred to as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) used to pinpoint positions anywhere in the world. These technological advancements have not only lead to faster and more accurate surveying but have improved cost efficiency and safety in the field.

With the assistance of other technological advancements in the field, GPS has revolutionized and will continue to revolutionize the industry for years to come. However, unlike other industries where technology is replacing workers, the need for experienced surveyors is still in high demand due to the complexity and expertise needed to properly implement these tools and deliver results that will stand the test of time. This has lead to great growth and demand in the industry over the past few decades.

While there are many benefits that technology has delivered in the field of surveying; the main benefits can simply be broken down into four key components that are essential in providing quality surveying and mapping services in 2019; speed, accuracy, cost efficiency and safety.



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