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Surveying In Ancient Cultures

Did you know? Without surveying, the world as we know it would be much different from a structural, economical, and overall functional standpoint. Surveying has shaped our modern culture in numerous ways from establishing land boundary for ownership to mapping out safe development zones within individual communities. This was recognized early on by ancient cultures as a vital component in establishing their empires.

It is believed that surveying, as we know it today, has been around for over 6,000 years and played a vital role in historical landmarks. In fact, Stonehenge is believed to have been surveyed using peg and rope geometry to map out the site. Surveying was also implemented in numerous ancient civilizations as documented in ancient Egypt to map out individual properties for taxation purposes. In addition to the taxation benefits, the Egyptians also used surveying to reassess boundary markers after overflows of the Nile River and was also utilized in the construction of the Great Pyramids.

Other ancient empires have also been credited in playing a role in the progression of the field of surveying as we know it today. The groma was first used in Mesopotamia, which was an instrument that comprised of a vertical staff with horizontal cross-pieces mounted at right angles on a bracket. The Greeks are credited in developing the diopter, which is a unit of reciprocal length using the optical power of a lens or curved mirror. Finally, the Romans are the first civilization believed to recognize surveying as a profession. In fact, surveyors were regarded to have a higher level of nobility than most and the Roman god “Terminus” was known as being the protector of boundaries.

Fast forward to today, surveying has advanced to a much more accurate level through the advancements in surveying technology such as GPS, 3D scanning and now even drone technology just to name a few. If you are looking for a qualified commercial property surveyor, Stoner is here to help. Call us today to discuss your project at  (954) 585-0997.

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