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Top Reasons to Have a Commercial Land Survey

From engineers to lenders to commercial property owners, everyone needs a land survey at some point. Land surveys can help with many important tasks, from identifying plot sizes to avoiding encroachment of other properties. We have outlined the top reasons for land surveys below.

Diving Up Commercial Land  

If the goal is to divide a parcel of land into separate lots, then a land survey is necessary in order to allow for the division process.

A land survey will map out what is needed for a property division, demonstrates how the property will be divided, and designates identifiers to the new lots and blocks. Throughout the evaluation process, the licensed land surveyors at Stoner can:

  • Assess the site and collect data using the proper surveying equipment
  • Perform a review of the land title and make a note of easements and any other restrictions
  • Consult with civil engineers, architects along with any other construction professionals
  • Prepare a land division plan

Commercial Property Renovation

Undergoing a commercial renovation?  At Stoner, our professional land surveys provide a detailed overview of the property’s features. Including the location of current structures allowing developers and engineers the details they’ll need if undergoing any type of renovations. The survey also allows county officials to ensure the parcel adheres to local building and construction codes throughout the development process.

Classifying Commercial Property Zones

A land survey determines the zoned requirements of a property – if it can be used for industrial use, commercial use, or residential development use. At Stoner, our surveyors will verify the property classification and report the property’s jurisdiction. From there, a professional can use zoning requirements to determine the commercial use of the property.

If you are considering purchasing a commercial parcel of land for your business, call the professional surveyors at Stoner to discuss your project at 954-585-0997.  We will be able to guide you through what surveys you will need and assist you in making a sound financial decision for your business.

About Stoner

Since 1988, Stoner has continually provided the highest level of quality service to each and every project.  Staying true to the company mission statement of Experience, Excellence, Service and Technology: These are the watchwords that we apply to each of our clients’ projects.  Today, the company services the greater South Florida area including Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties.  Allowing the team of professionals to deliver critical surveying services in a timely manner to both the private sector and the government.  For more information on Stoner please call (954) 585-0997or visit



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