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Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of A Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is usually ordered in anticipation of a real estate closing. The purchaser, generally at the lender’s request, stipulates if the survey is required to meet American Land Title Association, National Society of Professional Surveyors specifications or State of Florida Standards of Practice.  The standards specified determine the level of detail and accuracy that the surveyor will be required to obtain and reflect on the survey drawings.

These requirements, along with numerous other elements, determine the overall costs associated with acquiring a Commercial Boundary Survey.  In this post we are going to look at the basic information and main elements that are taken in consideration during the Boundary Survey cost process:

  • Property parcel size – Just like what rings true in most cases; the larger the size of the parcel the more time and effort needed to complete the job.  More specifically, the larger the property parcel the typically have more property corners that need to be surveyed both on and sometime off of the parcel itself.
  • Terrain and Access – The overall terrain and access can play a large role in the overall cost of acquiring a Boundary Survey due in part to the tools and transportation needed to properly survey the parcel.
  • Rural or Urban Parcel – Typically urban parcels are more expensive to complete due to accessibility, parking, etc.  However, if a rural parcel has an older agricultural survey, it can also drive up the cost or rural surveys.
  • Previous Survey Date – As mentioned above, the older the previous survey, typical the cost of the new Boundary Survey will be due to factors such as missing information and needing to acquire this information from both on and off parcel surveying.  In some cases, a property may never have been surveyed and in other cases a property has missing property corners due to years of road construction and other improvements over the years.
  • Intended Use – The overall intended use of the property will also determine the cost of the Boundary Survey due to the detailed nature and risk of the project.  As an example, a Boundary Survey for the implementation of an exterior perimeter wall requires less detail than a multi-floor commercial building.
  • Client’s Schedule – The deadline for when you need your Boundary Survey completed and in-hand is also a determination factor.  This factor is greatly weighted against the other factors above to determine the resources needed to complete the survey to meet expectations.

Again, there are several requirements and elements that go into determining the cost of a Boundary Survey above and beyond what is listed above.  If you are considering purchasing a commercial parcel of land for your business, call the professional surveyors at Stoner to discuss your project at 954-585-0997.  We will be able to guide you through what surveys you will need and assist you in making a sound financial decision for your business.

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