Blog : Choosing The Right Surveying Company for Your Project Needs

Choosing The Right Surveying Company for Your Project Needs

When it comes to choosing the right land surveying company for your commercial real estate needs there is arguably nothing more important to get you the results you are looking for than choosing a company that can deliver to your expectations.  Hiring a firm that does not have the expertise in your area of need or a firm that cannot deliver on time can cost you time and money both now and potentially down the road.

The land surveyor industry is made up mainly of smaller one or two-man businesses that have a focus or specialty in one area of surveying which is typically residential lot surveying.  These companies are typically working with out-of-date surveying equipment and software that in conjunction with their minimal knowledge of commercial and industrial surveying can lead to a subpar survey result. 

Firms such as these are also mainly transactional based and do not have the time or manpower to develop longer term relationship-based clientele.  This is a huge disadvantage to you, the client, because developing a relationship with an established and reputable and experienced surveying company can pay off in the long-term for your firm as they can learn what is important to you and how to deliver the results you are looking for in a survey.

Questions to ask when hiring a commercial land surveyor:

  • Does your firms carry insurance (professional liability or business insurance). 
  • If not, this can leave you unprotected?
  • Does your firm use the latest surveying equipment and software?
  • Can you handle a project my size?
  • When is the earliest you can delivery the survey and/or can you perform off of our schedule?

At Stoner, teamwork and highly qualified personnel are the foundation of the company.  Our team of Licensed Professional Land Surveyors has worked together for over twenty years.  During this time, we have developed our skills and developed a team that can make accurate surveys seamlessly and efficiently.  We also have developed the ability to work as part of a team, participating on large projects.  We know that other professionals rely on our survey products for the basis of their projects, and we take that responsibility seriously.

A premium is placed upon accurate research and keeping ahead of the changing laws and practices affecting land surveying and land ownership.

By exchanging ideas, through participation in professional associations and societies, and continuing education through attending workshops and seminars, our surveyors and related professionals pursue their continuing excellence to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Updating our equipment and computer software enables us to keep current with our client’s needs.  Utilizing GPS and automated data collection together with CAD drafting enables us to remain cost effective and innovative.

If you are in the market for a commercial real estate survey for a commercial parcel, industrial application and more; call the professional surveyors at Stoner to discuss your project at 954-585-0997.  We will be able to guide you through what surveys you will need and assist you in making a sound financial decision for your business.

About Stoner

Since 1988, Stoner has continually provided the highest level of quality service to each and every project.  Staying true to the company mission statement of Experience, Excellence, Service and Technology: These are the watchwords that we apply to each of our clients’ projects.  Today, the company services the greater South Florida area including Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties.  Allowing the team of professionals to deliver critical surveying services in a timely manner to both the private sector and the government.  For more information on Stoner, please call (954) 585-0997or visit



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