Blog : Land Surveying’s Role In The Development Of Florida

Land Surveying’s Role In The Development Of Florida

Land surveying played a critical role in the creation of Florida as a state. Florida was first explored and mapped by Spanish explorers in the early 1500s, but it was not until the 1800s that the United States began to take an interest in the region.

In 1824, the US government passed the General Land Office Survey Act, which authorized the surveying of public lands in the United States. This act paved the way for the surveying and mapping of Florida, which was then a territory of the United States.

Land surveying played a crucial role in determining the boundaries of the state and its counties. Surveyors were tasked with measuring and mapping out the land, marking property boundaries, and creating accurate maps of the state.

One of the most significant surveys in Florida’s history was the Tallahassee Meridian survey, which was conducted in the mid-1800s. This survey established the baseline and meridian for the state, which is still used today as a reference point for all land surveys in Florida.

Land surveying also played a key role in the development of Florida’s infrastructure, including roads, railways, and canals. Surveyors were responsible for mapping out the routes for these projects and ensuring that they were constructed in the correct locations.

Land surveying continues to play an important role in the development of Florida as the state is undergoing a recent population boom spurred on by the Covid-19 pandemic and people migrating from condensed metro-areas to suburban environments with abundant outdoor activities.

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