Blog : The What, Why and How Before Hiring a Surveyor

The What, Why and How Before Hiring a Surveyor

Work products / schedule:  You find yourself in need of a boundary survey and you need a surveyor… What next? 

Determining these important what, why and how elements play a key role in ensuring your survey serve the purpose for why you needed a boundary survey in the first place.  Before you get started make sure you review the following questions with the surveyor you are looking to hire.

  • What needs to be surveyed? You may feel that this should be straight forward but that is not always the case.  There are numerous situations in which the parcel you are attempting to survey also requires the surveying of surrounding parcels to get an accurate reading for the proper application of the survey you are requiring.
  • Why does it need to be surveyed?  Understanding that “the what” is extremely important; this leads to the next relevant issue which is the “why”.  Understanding why you are in need of the survey helps the surveyor better understand the level of detail need in your survey to accomplish the goal at hand.  Is this a boundary dispute?  Is this needed for financing? Are you looking to develop the parcel? All of these are relevant items to discuss with regards to the “why”.
  • How do I need to survey it? Understanding the first to items, the “what” and “why”, will provide the surveyor with the information they need to determine the “how”.  The “what” and “why” will help assess issues such as limitations, access and other potential hurdles in accomplishing the surveying process.

If you are looking for a qualified commercial property surveyor, Stoner is here to help. The professional surveyors at Stoner use the latest in surveying technology available today. Call our friendly staff to discuss your project at 954-585-0997.

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Since 1988, Stoner has continually provided the highest level of quality service to each and every project.  Staying true to the company mission statement of Experience, Excellence, Service and Technology: These are the watchwords that we apply to each of our clients’ projects.  Today, the company services the greater South Florida area including Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties.  Allowing the team of professionals to deliver critical surveying services in a timely manner to both the private sector and the government.  For more information on Stoner please call (954) 585-0997or visit



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