Blog : Should You Get a Boundary Survey When Buying a Parcel for Your Business?

Should You Get a Boundary Survey When Buying a Parcel for Your Business?

When it comes to commercial real estate purchases for your business; fewer things have longer lasting repercussions for your business financials.  Therefore, the short answer to “should you get a boundary survey when buying a parcel for your business?” is ABSOLUTELY!!!  Now, let’s look at a few reasons why:

A boundary survey can help to determine the proper value for the commercial parcel of land you are purchasing for your business.  To determine the value of a property you will need a clear understanding of the boundary and land title issues for the specific parcel of land you are purchasing.  This type of survey clearly addresses these issues including encroachments, environmental easements and much more.

Another important element a boundary survey can answer for you is… What can the parcel be used for?  When you purchase a parcel of land for your business you obviously have an intent for that parcel of land; however, the question you need to answer is, can this parcel fit the intended needs for my business?  Let’s say you are looking to open a drive-thru and dine-in restaurant; some things your will need to determine are will the shape of the property fit the architectural footprint, do you have enough space for parking, are there land use regulations and many other factors.

The key to a successful business is being fiscally responsible and this often includes extensive due diligence in all of your financial decisions.  Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a commercial parcel of land for your business, call the professional surveyors at Stoner to discuss your project at 954-585-0997.  We will be able to guide you through what surveys you will need and assist you in making a sound financial decision for your business.

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