Blog : The Importance of Environmental and Vegetation Surveys

The Importance of Environmental and Vegetation Surveys

As most know, surveys are an important part of real estate transactions; from determining property boundaries to mapping elevations for land development and more.  There are also times when it is important to consider the environment and vegetation on and around the property. 

At Stoner, our licensed surveyors are authorized to perform vital components in most real estate endeavors. Environmental Support Surveys provide the location of monitoring wells and the elevation of the top of casing of said wells to environmental engineers in sites that require remediation due to hazardous wastes.

The location of the wells is obtained by a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS) observations and conventional methods. Survey data includes Geographical and State Plane Coordinates and elevations in the established vertical datum.

A Vegetation Survey is unlike a standard land survey as it often depicts a rough boundary instead of a strict line. These vegetation surveys are very useful for environmentalists and botanists along with a variety of other earth-science industries. The survey maps that are produced contain a variety of purposes that assist in evaluating any changes in the condition of the vegetation areas over time.

Vegetation Surveys do present some challenges to perform when the areas of land are covered by thick and excess vegetation. At times, the area can prevent traditional surveying equipment from being blocked or unable to travel across the land being evaluated. To properly determine the boundaries of this type of area, you will need a qualified vegetation land surveyor like the ones at Stoner. 

Our survey crew uses a variety of methods to survey land covered in trees, bushes, and other plants. A common method is LiDAR, where a laser device is flown over the area to assess the land better. Other methods require the measurement of the vegetation itself or the types of plants found within the region.

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What Is The Most Common Type of Land Survey?

The most common type of land survey is known as a Boundary Survey or cadastral survey.

This type of survey involves determining the precise boundaries and measurements of a parcel of land. Boundary surveys are conducted to establish legal property boundaries, identify property lines, and resolve boundary disputes.

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