The History of Land Surveying

Did you know that Land Surveying is one of the oldest professions in the world? Let’s look at the history of land surveying and how it has influenced modern land surveying. Land Surveying Ownership of land has always been and is still today a very significant part of the lives of everyone in the world. […]

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Property Easements, What You Need to Know

An easement is an interest in property that allows another person the legal right to use or own parts of the property owner’s land for a specific purpose. Essentially, it gives the someone the right to trespass on your land as long as it follows the easements restrictions. Understanding how easements may affect your commercial […]

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When Do You Need an ALTA Land Survey?

An ALTA Survey is a survey prepared by a licensed surveyor in accordance with detailed standards adopted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). The ALTA Survey is a land title survey that assesses the boundaries, the location of the improvements on the property, including buildings […]

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Famous Historical Land Surveyors

Land surveying has played a vital role in the formation of all nations and the United States is no exception. In fact, did you know that one of the largest original land holders in the state of Georgia, Nobel Jones, was the state’s original and sole surveyors during the formation of Georgia? To this day […]

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Understanding Florida’s Flood Zones

Florida is well documented as a geographical region that can experience significant weather and flooding issues. Therefore, it is always strongly recommended that commercial property owners brush up on their understanding of flood zones and the impact they can have on flood insurance and overall flood risk. Flood zones and elevation requirements are implemented and […]

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Professional Land Surveyor Qualifications in The State of Florida

Becoming a professional land surveyor takes hard work and dedication to the craft. In order to obtain a professional surveyor and mapper license, all applicants must be approved by the Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers prior to taking any examination for Florida licensure through the process of examination and or endorsement. First time […]

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Land Surveying Expert Witness, When to Hire A Qualified Surveyor

When most people think of an expert witness they think of an accountant, a medical professional, forensics or a mental health expert. However, expert witnesses are used in a wide scope of legal issues which also includes issues related to land boundaries, surveys and more.In certain litigation cases, a surveying expert witness can be an […]

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5 Common Land Surveying Myths Debunked

Commercial Land Surveying can be a complicated business, and for that reason there are quite a few misconceptions about what it is and why it is needed. To help out, we have debunked five of the most common surveying myths: Myth 1: Your land has been surveyed in the past and therefore you don’t need […]

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What You Should Know When Looking to Hire a Commercial Property Surveyor

So, you need a land surveyor; how do you find a qualified one? What should you expect in your survey? There are many questions like these that you may be asking yourself and these are good. However, finding a qualified commercial property surveyor goes well beyond the “basic” questions. To help you make an informed […]

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Stoner & Associates was founded by James D. Stoner, P.S.M. in 1988.

Mr. Stoner was formerly Vice President of Land Surveying at Williams Hatfield and Stoner, Inc. (WH&S) a prominent Engineering, Land Surveying and Planning firm located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  As the son of one of the founding partners of WH&S, it was Mr. Stoner’s dream to one day start his own land surveying firm. That dream […]

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Technology Is Transforming – The Surveying Industry

As technology is rapidly changing how we live our day to day lives; technology is also playing a significant role in transforming industrial techniques across multiple industries. Just as with other industries, surveying and mapping has rapidly evolved through new technological advancements that have revolutionized the field over the past few decades. Some of these […]

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30th Anniversary of Stoner & Associates, Inc.

Stoner & Associates, Inc. is proud to celebrate 30-years of providing quality surveying services throughout Florida. Since its founding in 1988, Stoner & Associates has experienced a tremendous growth and expansion of services designed to meet their clients’ specific needs while holding true to the mission of Experience, Excellence, Service and Technology. The company was […]

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South Florida’s Flood Zone Designations

Flood surveys and elevation surveys are two popular services provided by Stoner. These surveys are required to ensure that all new buildings adhere to proper flood, elevation, and building requirements.  Elevation certificates for construction properties are available and help determine if a property is located within a designated flood zone. In order to determine whether […]

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